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From intensive 30-minute one-on-one mentor sessions, through to 10-week development training programmes, whatever your goal, here at Breezi we tailor our content to meet your needs. We can't promise to change the world (just yet!), but we're confident we can make you into an unstoppable-standing-ovation-hotshot- presenter; bet no-one saw that coming! 




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A tailored course for you

Do you have a special presentation coming up? or are you shy to join a group workshop? Or do you just simply have a very busy schedule?


Not to worry. We provide personal mentoring programmes that are created just for you. We first identify your needs and learning objectives and then assign you to a mentor who can help you best. 

Your mentoring programme can be 4,8,12, or 16 weeks long. If you want to know more about our personal mentoring programme, please contact us.


Say Hello to the Team

Co-Founder Ali | Speak Easy with Breezi


UK Co-Founder

Training Director

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His life can be summarised in two words; Public Speaking.
It's his erupting passion that's made him a public speaking champion around the world. With years of experience as a Professional Speaker and Trainer, Ali brings stage energy to a whole different level. You don't want to miss this!

Co-Founder Ben | Speak Easy with Breezi


UK Co-Founder

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Former President of a Public Speaking Society, Ben is an experienced trainer, patient mentor and expert presenter. Covering skills from body language to memory techniques, and productivity to self-belief, Ben is a typical 'that guy in the group we all idolise.'

Director Shreyasi | Speak Easy with Breezi


Malaysia Director

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With a number of International public speaking awards under her belt, Shreyasi has cultivated and sculpted the art of storytelling to perfection. She brings with her a medley of human psychology, imagery and delicate emotions that is bound to make every speech heart-touching.

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We are looking for excellent communicators with a passion to help people through education and skill development. If you want to work in a challenging and dynamic environment, send us an email.

Co-Founder Aiman | Speak Easy with Breezi


Malaysia Co-Founder

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Holder of two university degrees in Engineering and Psychology, Aiman is passionate in understanding people! He aims to spread his knowledge of human psychology, self-development and professional image to the world with his talent; Public Speaking!

Co-Founder Elliott | Speak Easy with Breezi


UK Co-Founder

Elliott is a happy, global, entrepreneur-in-the-making. With over five years of experience in networking-training and confidence-building, as well as multiple International qualifications, and a can-do attitude towards life, you'll be sure to leave Elliott's sessions feeling inspired to take on the world.


What People say about Us

Ewelina | Speak Easy with Breezi


"I have never been so confident of my own voice as I am now. I recommend this enthusiastic team to anyone who likes to go outside their comfort zone and learn one of the most difficult skill of all times. Winners Speak Out!"

University of Nottingham, UK

Tarek | Speak Easy with Breezi


"Breezi trainers are like the Public Speaking Chuckle brothers. Their complementary personalities create a fun learning environment. They deliver professional quality information in an informal and interesting manner."

University of Nottingham, UK

May Xin | Speak Easy with Breezi

May Xin

"Breezi trainings helped me improve my speech delivery and boosted my confidence. Their workshops are interesting and interactive and I highly recommend them!"

University of Nottingham, Malaysia

May Xin | Speak Easy with Breezi


"Breezi Speaking are a great organisation to deal with - they listened to what we wanted and did what we asked them to do to a very high standard...I recommend Breezi Speaking without reservation.

CEO - Leicestershire Leicester Rutland Local Medical Committee, UK

May Xin | Speak Easy with Breezi


"I really enjoyed the programme. It was very fun. We learned a lot about public speaking stuff. I would love to go to another programme again at Breezi Speaking."

Sayfol International School

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



We have established a wealth of great material, session plans and techniques to make you the best Public Speaker you can be. No matter what your goals are, we always cater our content to your needs. Wherever you are, whatever your requirements, get in touch with us to achieve your Public Speaking, Leadership and Confidence goals. 

Thanks for contacting Breezi Speaking. We'll get back to you ASAP!