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Founders' Bootcamp

A Full-Day Workshop

Bringing you Breezi Speaking's Largest Workshop of the Year in Malaysia!

Join our founders, Shreyasi and Ali, who will be flying to Malaysia from our global headquarters in Europe to conduct the first ever Founders' Bootcamp! This full-day Public Speaking course will not only give you lots of lessons, tips and tricks on how to become a more effective communicator, but will also give you the chance to learn from the ever-evolving founders of Breezi Speaking.

Course Objectives

Learn how to stand out, make an impression, and own the stage from the charismatic and energetic Ali and learn how to be composed, articulated and corporate-ready from the eloquent and experienced Shreyasi.

To bring forward the latest techniques and trends in public speaking
To practice public speaking in a safe, supportive, and sincere environment
To receive feedback from the creators of Breezi's courses
To learn from a variety of styles and cultures accessible through the Breezi team
To have lots and lots of fun while learning a new skill!

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Alireza Parpaei

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Commune @ Sunway Velocity Mall




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