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Sayfol International School Prefects are Amazing!

About the Event

Prefects from Sayfol International School were hosted at The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC) Kuala Lumpur Teaching Centre (KLTC) for a day of fun and development. Public Speaking for Leadership was the focal point of this training which was organised and conducted by a group of Nottingham alumni entrepreneurs from Breezi Speaking with support from UNMC Alumni and Donors Relations Office (ADRO). The educational day featured several live seminars conducted by Breezi Speaking training director, Alireza Parpaei, a Nottingham alumnus from department of Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering (M3). The team of trainers also included the Managing director of the company, Shreyasi Hait, a Nottingham alumna from the department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering as well as training facilitator, Dinesh Jayabalan, a student of English Literature at UNMC.

Sayfol International School Breezi Speaking Development Day

The training was attended by nearly 50 prefects from the school to acquaint them with the necessary skills in communication especially with a large group of audience. Breezi Speaking takes a psychological approach to public speaking rather than the conventional technique-based methods. The trainings involve a large number of exercises and practice sessions to give the trainees the chance to practice the skills required and receive constructive feedback from the trainers and facilitators on the spot. “The most critical factor in Public Speaking is sincerity. If you’re trying to follow a set of concrete rules, a whole lot of to-dos and not-to-dos, you won’t be able to deliver your message effectively and that’s why we practice the psychology and not the techniques.” Said Alireza Parpaei about the Breezi Speaking method of approach to Public Speaking.

This programme made possible through the support of the Alumni and Donors Relations office of the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. “It is absolutely encouraging that the university supports alumni entrepreneurship to this extent. We feel a lot more confident going forward with our new venture with such great support from our Alma Mater.” Added Shreyasi Hait in expressing gratitude for the support of the university towards Breezi Speaking

Alireza Parpaei, Training Director | Breezi Speaking

The day was well-received among the attendees with a satisfaction rate of 97% among the trainees[1]. The school principal and director attended the session and expressed that such trainings are much needed for the school prefects as well as staff members. They thanked the prefects’ teacher, Miss Zuraidah Bashir, for organising the day and expressed their gratitude for the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus and the Breezi team for the valuable training their prefects received on the day. They expressed that keeping in touch with the school alumni who have completed their university is an effective way of inspiring their current students. Alireza and Shreyasi are both alumni of Sayfol International School. Alireza served as the school Head Prefect for 2 years prior to joining The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. It is expected to see more Sayfol International School alumni to join UNMC in near future.

Sayfol International School Director

About Breezi Speaking

Breezi Speaking is incorporated in Malaysia under ‘Breezi Enterprise Sdn Bhd’ and is founded by Nottingham Alumni. Alireza Parpaei, Shreyasi Hait and Aiman Amri are the three co-founders and all three graduated from University of Nottingham (UoN), UK in July 2016. Breezi Speaking is currently operating in Malaysia as well as the UK. The original UK team included then UoN Students Alireza Parpaei, Ben Easton and Elliott Denman and it was founded in February 2016. Breezi in its worldwide entity is founded by 6 Nottingham alumni from 4 countries, highlighting the diverse and entrepreneurial strength of UoN and UNMC.

To find out more about Breezi Speaking or engage this organisations for your company/school, visit or email

[1] Based a satisfaction survey conducted at the end of the training with 100% response from all attendees

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