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Breezi Speaking in Nottingham Malaysia

The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC) recently hosted Breezi Speaking for a training programme, ACE Your Presentation, on the 13th of March and organised by the UNMC Toastmasters Club with support from the UNMC Alumni and Donors Relations office (ADRO). The half-day programme was focused on acquainting the 39 participants with academic presentation skills.

The programme was officiated by Salinee from UNMC ADRO and conducted by Breezi's Training Director, Ali, who was assisted by Dinesh. The 4-hour programme included several educational and practice sessions including:

  • Picnic with Panic, a session to help control their fear of Public Speaking

  • Start with Bang, a session with 9 techniques to start a powerful presentation

  • End with Power, a session of different styles to leave an impactful final impression

  • Magic of Three, a session of Rhetorical devices

  • Spice it Up, a session to cover basics of delivery skills in Voice and Body language

  • SlideCraft, a session on how to use slides correctly, effectively and with ease

  • Off the Cuff, an impromptu speaking practice (themed on sales) for volunteers

  • Speech Practice, a prepared speaking practice with written feedback for all


The programme was well-received by the attendees with a 94% satisfaction rate*. "This programme was especially packed with many educationals as some of the trainees had important presentations coming up soon after the day. We managed to cover quite a lot of different techniques and aspects in Public Speaking and Presentation skills. Everyone showed tremendous improvement by the end of the programme and we saw exceptional presentations from some of the trainees. I absolutely enjoyed doing this programme". Said trainer Ali.

UNMC Toastmasters Club was the main organiser for the event. This event served partially as a fund-raising to support the Toastmasters Club in UNMC. The UNMC Toastmasters club is the local chapter of Toastmasters International in UNMC and conducts regular meetings on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Thursdays of every month. It was established in April 2015 by then UNMC student and founding president, Ali. To find out more about the UNMC Toastmasters club, visit their facebook at

Breezi Speaking would like to express their gratitude towards the UNMC Toastmasters club and the UNMC ADRO for putting this event together and inviting Breezi to conduct the programme. Breezi Speaking has an extensive background in providing trainings for students and young professionals. To engage Breezi Speaking for your institution or organisation, feel free to drop an email to

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