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Soft Skills Hub

Starting from 23rd October 2019

Future Proofing Careers

6-Week Course

Propelling you into a successful career

It is designed to develop and cultivate skills that will last a lifetime. 

From communication and public speaking to networking and job landing skills, we have put together the essential ingredients of success for a 21st century professional.

Learn these skills and practice them in a safe and friendly environment with a team of experienced coaches and supportive peers who will make sure you are nurtured.

6-Week Course Overview



Chris, CEO

Breezi Speaking are a great organisation to deal with - they listened to what we wanted and did what we asked them to do to a very high standard...I recommend Breezi Speaking without reservation.

Guoda, Student

Ali’s energy kept me interested the whole time, it was great! He covered a good amount of material in a short time. He taught useful tricks that most would never think of during speech.

Ewelina, Influencer

I have never been so confident of my own voice as I am now. I recommend this enthusiastic team to anyone who likes to go outside their comfort zone and learn one of the most difficult skill of all times.


Soft Skills development know no limits. We would like to provide a platform for people to come and learn valuable skills together. Join us today as only limited spots are available. 

It's not a single formula or pill that you apply and get results right away. Soft skills such as Public Speaking take time and they take practice. We want to provide a practice ground for people to step out of their comfort zones but feel safe and themselves. That's the most important thing in learning. If you can be yourself, you can learn anything.

Alireza Parpaei, Breezi Co-Founder and Trainer

If you’re looking to find one topic to be obsessed with in 2019, let it be empathy. In this 8 week course lets together learn how the ability to understand and share the feelings of another make you a better leader, a better presenter and a better professional. There’re no one size fits all solutions when it comes to soft skills - one has to experiment so as to find methods that work best for themselves. Our role is to help you think for yourself. With the occupational demands changing so drastically, now is a good time to future proof ourselves.

Aditya Putta, Startup Sourcing Lead and Career Coach

You are sales(wo)man. You sell yourself to a prospective employer, your partner, your parents and your friends continuously. So why is it nerve wrecking and scary to pitch and sell? The answer is because you have never been taught it properly. That's why you should join SSH! Being able to sell improves your communication skills, ability to listen,  chance of getting that promotion and even happiness. Yes, I said that. Being able to sell increases your happiness. Join us and see for yourself!

Vincent Cohen, Sales Consultant, Coach and Trainer


Soft Skills Hub

Soft Skills Hub



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